Normally, on a weekday morning, the rush is on.

Getting the first grader ready for school, lunch packed, and dropped off on time.

The four year old getting toys packed, slung in the carseat and off to my parent’s or in-laws house so that my wife and I can get to work.

This morning, however, I took my little one out to eat.

We went to Waffle House and let me just say, Waffle House is never a bad idea. It’s one of my favorite things about living in the south.

We ordered and talked and took a couple goofy pictures, and then, right before the food arrived to our table, she got out her seat across the table from me and slid into the booth on my side. She said she was so cold over there.

She put her head on my chest and when I put my arm around her, she clutched it to her tightly.

When the waitress came with our food, I was nearly in tears.

Such simplicity. Such need to be loved and need to love. I think it was one of the best moments of my life.

I didn’t wake up this morning knowing that my soul needed that, but it sure did.

Reminds me to slow down and to be present.

Slow down.

Be present.