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Thierry LaRoque, war hero and retired mechanic in rural Tennessee, would like nothing more than to live out his days in quiet and peace, but a dark secret buried in the distant past continues to haunt him. When his Wall Street power-broker brother—the person he blames for the loss of his one true love—shows up destitute at his door step after decades of estrangement, Thierry comes face to face with the ghosts of a life frozen in time.

Brandon Dragan’s powerful debut novel traces the life of Thierry LaRoque from an impoverished immigrant childhood, through the discovery of true love and the horrors of war, to the very moment his life, brimming with hope and potential, was violently interrupted. Epic in scope and intimate in detail, The Wages of Grace asks the universally human questions of not only whether healing and forgiveness are possible, but ultimately… are they worth the cost?