Stay on the path and lose your faith, or walk away, and save your soul...

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Santi attends his father's funeral out of obligation, only to learn that the man who abandoned him as a child has left a trail of debt, both monetary and spiritual, for him to repay. Against his better judgement, Santi decides to fulfill his duty to church and god by undertaking the dangerous Pilgrimage of Sinners on behalf of his father's soul.

Before he departs, however, his pregnant wife implores him to find a secret monastery, where he can drink of a magic potion that is rumored to give men long lives, even though it will stretch his endurance past its breaking point. 

Camino Real is an enthralling fable that follows the pilgrimage of Santi as he encounters thieves, priests, brutality, magic potions, and more to discover if he can save not only his father's soul, but perhaps his own.

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