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Set deep in the heart of 1980’s Texas, “Cast No Shadow” (a short story) tells the harrowing tale of Vietnam veteran, husband, and father, Beau Moreland. By day he helps his elderly neighbors and watches his son’s baseball practice; by night he hunts drug gangs. 

In his quest for justice and a more peaceful life for his family, Beau inadvertently sets off an unstoppable chain of events which will hurtle his family, along with the reader, toward a breath-taking conclusion.

An excerpt from "Cast No Shadow," full short story coming soon...

The wispy cirrus clouds of late spring floated listlessly, lavender and ethereal, in the endless expanse beyond the balmy orange glow of street lamps hung in neat rows throughout Nixon Estates Trailer Park. Venus and Jupiter luminously pierced the starless night, resplendent mementos to the vastness of the universe, like the depths of a lover’s sparkling eyes, to anyone who might yield a moment to take them in. The ardent couple lay side by side, glistening and panting in the dark, three-speed electric fan oscillating on the dresser.

You think the neighbors heard me? she whispered.

The windows are open, Annabelle—wouldn’t surprise me if the governor heard you all the way up in Austin.

She covered her flushed face with a pillow.

You sure are cute when you’re embarrassed.

Shut up, Beau, came the muffled reply...