I may need professional help.

Because taxes are a nightmare.

I’ve been working on setting up a small business and I’m confused. And terrified.

I hate asking advice, too, from people for whom all this kind of stuff comes so easy.

“Oh yeah, just set up a sole proprietorship, LLC, general aviation partnership with dividends set to yield to the third power every second Tuesday of the third month of each quarter and you’ll be good to go…  I’ll send you my invoice now.”

When did all this become so complicated?

It makes me wonder about a lot of things in my own life, though, and ask the same question. 

When did writing become so complicated?

When did my relationship with that guy I used to smoke cigars with become so weird?

When did making memories with my kids become something I had to plan in advance?

Today, I’m going to slow down. It’s Friday and I’m going to let it be Friday all day.  I’m gonna chew every minute and savor it in its mundane simplicity. I’m going to hug my dad and sip this coffee and tell my wife I love her.  

And that will be a good day’s work.