This will probably sound pretty silly, but do you know what my most irrational fear is?

Tumbling out into space.

The crew of Apollo 13.

The crew of Apollo 13.

I was recently watching Apollo 13—classic film!—and the thought struck me, they very easily could have completely lost navigational control of the vessel and jettisoned themselves out into space, with no hope of return to earth.

That is truly terrifying.

Which brings me to another thought…

Where are we?

I mean, really…

Who knows? Who knows where everything we know actually IS?

We are hurling through space, circling a gigantic star, and up, down, left, right, forward, backward, weight, shape, and even time as we know it are completely relative. The truth is, we can’t really know anything, can we?

Which leads me to this question—is the universe a cold , dark, and dangerous place?

It might be, but I honestly don’t know if I could live with that idea. I don’t know if I could stay sane.

The one thing that continually draws me back to inner peace and reason is love.

I hold my beautiful wife. I play with my witty daughters. I hug my mom. I sense kindness in the smile of a stranger.

There is love in the world. There is love in the universe. 

I’m letting that sink in. 

No matter how scary, no matter how isolated, no matter how cold—the universe hums with love, and as long as I can cling to that, I can cling to hope.

Oh. And, the earth is round.